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7 ways you'll benefit from booking direct


(1) Best rates 100% guaranteed.

Yaaawwn. Heard it all before, right?

It seems every hotel booking site likes to offer the "best rates guaranteed" doesn't it?

Well, we can't speak for other Hotels but when it comes to Tiffany's the best rates are always available direct.

Now, sometimes this may be the same best rate that we push to 3rd party sites but a lot of the time you'll get it even cheaper if you call our reservations team as we have some incredible value packaged breaks which are not available to book anywhere online.

You can reach our reservations team on 01253 313414.

So, what if the price is the same as a 3rd party site? Why should I book direct if the price is the same?

Good question!


(2) Rate Protection (Tiffany's exclusive)

Like most hotels, our room rates are 'live' meaning they increase and decrease in-line with demand.

For the vast majority of the time, this means our rates start lower depending on how far in the future the date is as well as how many rooms are sold.

However, on occasion we may receive a cancelletion of a block of rooms which may lead to a decrease in the published room rate for that period.

If you book on a third party website there is nothing that can be done in these situations.

When you book direct you can sleep easy knowing that, in the unlikely event of a price drop, you'll be refunded the difference by way of Tiffany's Gift Voucher - which you can redeem against tons of goodies during your stay.

This perk is only available to direct bookers.


(3) Priority Request Handling

Naturally, we hundreds of special requests per week. Whilst we do out utmost to accommodate special requests it's just not possible to satisfy every request we receive. Therefore priority is given to those who have booked direct with the Hotel.


(4) We know our Hotel better than any one

3rd party sites automatically allocate rooms as the bookings are received.

You know your requirements, we know our hotel.

If you have specific requirements we highly recommend speaking directly to one of our friendly reservation team members. They'll have the knowledge and expertise to find the room(s) which best suit your needs.

Speak with reservations on 01253 313414 and let's find the best room for your stay.


(5) Accountability

Booking via a 3rd party introduces a middle-man who must be involved to pass our communication with each other back and forth. This can lead to unnecessary delays in getting the answer you want. Should something not go as planned during your stay you may find yourself in the middle of a "finger-pointing" match between the Hotel and the 3rd party.

Book direct and you'll have two-way, uninterrupted communication with a manager at the Hotel so that we can find you a suitable resolution in good time.


(6) Exclusive Offers & Loyalty Stamps

Benefit from exclusive special offers which are never available anywhere else. Direct bookers can also receive a FREE loyalty card at check-in. Receive four stamps to earn either a FREE Sunday night: Dinner, bed & breakfast plus entertainment OR FREE Upgrade to sea-view bedroom.

First stamp processed upon check-in.


(7) Safe & Secure PCI Compliant

Booking on our website is safe & secure and can be completed in as little as three steps.

We accept most major credit & debit cards.



How we recommend using 3rd party sites

3rd party sites are a great tool for researching a new holiday destination.

They allow you to see numerous hotels in a particular area, often with a map to see the location of the hotel.

We recommend using the 3rd party sites to make a short-list of Hotels that you like in your chosen area then visit their respective websites for more information - you may even get a better price! If not, there may be other perks that you might not be aware of.

Once you've found the hotel you want to stay at, perhaps send them an email to ask if theres any other perks or discounts available.

Unless the price is actually cheaper on a 3rd party - we would always advise to book direct for all the reasons mentioned above.

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