Sapphire Suite

The new-for-2013 plush Sapphire Suite is the latest Jewel in Tiffany's crown and really does deliver the wow factor the moment is it viewed. This large, open plan and fully self-contained function room has a truly contemporary feel to it which takes away some of the formality of the Crystal Ballroom, without losing any of the luxuries.

Spectacular lighting systems make this a room for exciting occasions that will be enhanced by the array of L.E.D. light fixtures on the walls and around the bar area. A sophisticated lighting unit generates colours to match a theme and can be set to change colour and pattern to keep the buzz within the room and add an almost nightclub like feel to the suite.

An 80 square metre dance floor exceeds everyone's expectations, being sprung maple that will accentuate any disco diva's moves. The suite has its own well-stocked bar and a comfortable seating area that allows guests to relax and chat while not dancing and the final touch of luxury comes in the form of plush carpet, which will escape the attention of nobody lucky enought to be invited to a celebration staged in this suite.

We are more than happy for you to pop in for a coffee and a show around this fabulous venue. To arrange a viewing please call Howard on 01253 313 414.

If your looking for a fresh, new function suite with a WOW factor...look no further.